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Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown Releases Anthemic New Album, Electrified

Photo Credit: Zack Whitford
Photo Credit: Zack Whitford

Rock n’ roll is loud, reckless, and all about the moment. Few modern bands know this like Nashville, Tennessee based Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown. On the band’s exhilarating new album, Electrified, out May 10th on the band’s own Rattle Shake Records, the group raises a glass high to its wildly fishtailing journey.

“I view our little rock n’ roll band as underdogs every now and then,” says lead vocalist/guitarist Tyler Byant. “You go through years when you’re playing clubs, loading in and out, and then suddenly you’re playing concerts with AC/DC. It’s really amazing.”

The aptly-titled 11-song album crackles with onstage rock n’ roll energy. The band recently gave people a taste of the thrilling album with the leadoff single, “Snake Oil,” a sleazy Sunset Strip strutter with dirty-sweet hooks, soaring lead guitars, and snarling lead vocals. “Trick Up My Sleeve,” Electrified’s second single, out on album release day, is a classic power-ballad, showcasing a more vulnerable side to the band in its underdog moments. Here, Tyler sings: Well I’m used to the world throwing punches/Don’t mind if you laugh in my face/It won’t bother me, I’ll get where I should be/Ain’t lost just a little out of place.

Electrified also swaggers into the roots of rock n’ roll with the country-twanging “Movin’,” and the Delta blues-flavored “Mona.” “We love sneaking in a little blues every now and then,” says guitarist and backing vocalist Graham Whitford. Electrified also features cross-genre collaborations with other artists, such as the powerful “Happy Gets Made” featuring veteran blues artist Ruthie Foster, and “One and Lonely,” featuring Grammy-winning duo Larkin Poe.

Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown specialize in a fiery blaze of blues rock, Southern rock, and classic rock with a modern pop-rock sensibility. The band features Tyler Bryant on lead vocals and guitar,; Caleb Crosby on drums; and Graham Whitford on guitar and backing vocals. The group has played hundreds upon hundreds of shows sharing stages with countless venerable icons, including AC/DC, Jeff Beck, Guns N’ Roses, Alice Cooper, ZZ Top, Clutch, and Blackberry Smoke, just to name a few. Bryant also has the rare distinction of having his own Fender signature model guitar. Electrified is the band’s sixth studio album, and its fourth release on Rattle Shake Records, a savvy move that has represented a new kind of rock n’ roll freedom for the band of young vets.





Tyler Bryant Vocals & Guitar

Caleb Crosby Drums

Graham Whitford Guitar






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