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Swedish progressive metal veterans LOCH VOSTOK announce new album.

Photo by Jens Ryden
Photo by Jens Ryden

The album is available for pre-order at THIS LOCATION


Swedish progressive metal veterans Loch Vostok have announced the upcoming release of their new album "Opus Ferox II – Mark of the Beast", which will be coming out on April 19 on ViciSolum Productions. This highly anticipated album is the second part of the band's ongoing 'Opus Ferox trilogy' and promises to deliver the same level of intricate modern progressive metal that fans have come to love.

"Opus Ferox II – Mark of the Beast" builds upon the foundation laid by its predecessor, "Opus Ferox – The Great Escape" (2021), with catchy chorus lines and dynamic songwriting that showcases Loch Vostok's signature style. The album is filled with a fantastic implementation of raw energy, presenting strong new songs that are sure to captivate listeners.

To give a taste of what's to come, Loch Vostok have released the first single "Distant Assistance" along with a brand new music video. This track is a straightforward and uncompromising gem that sets the tone for the rest of the album. Watch the video here:

Sweden's Loch Vostok were born in the year 2000 out of necessity to create music that did not exist at the time. Refuses to stagnate. Unwilling to die. Combining raw beauty with complexity and finesse. Sometimes uncomfortable but never boring. Harsh and soaring multi layered vocals. Pounding, complex and punishing rhythms Shredalicious solos. Fat choruses and poisonous hooks. Spawned from the fractured mind of Teddy Möller, Loch Vostok is where anything goes. Where cheese meets grind. Where speed meets groove. The unholy child of Emperor and Tears for Fears, the bastard cousin of King Diamond and King's X. Over the years Loch Vostok has delivered 8 albums, each time bringing something new to the table.

Among the members of Loch Vostok, you will find musicians from a great number of active (and countless inactive) bands. Ranging from Carnal Forge, One Hour Hell and F.K.Ü, to The Murder of My Sweet, and Anima Morte.




01. Distant Assistance

02. Cult Status

03. The Great Wide Open

04. Children of Science

05. Senses

06. Drastic Measures

07. Rebel Command

08. Just Like That

09. Lords of the Inanimate

10. Ancient Body Switching Ritual

"Opus Ferox II – Mark of the Beast" will be released worldwide via ViciSolum Productions on April 19. The album is available for pre-order at THIS LOCATION


Loch Vostok are:

Jonas Radehorn - Lead Vocals

Teddy Möller - Guitars and Vocals

Niklas Kupper - Guitars

Patrik Orwald - Bass

William Parkstam - Drums


For more info visit:





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