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Peter Scallan

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Peter Scallan, best known as vocalist with Moritz and Samson, expands on his singing career and what the future holds with regard to new music and live gigs.

Who were your influences in the early days and have you always wanted to be a singer in a band?

My influences were quite blues influenced in the early days in terms of my taste in music. They included the likes of Paul Rodgers, Ian Gillan and Frankie Miller. As my musical taste developed further my influences became more varied and included the likes of Bon Scott, Sammy Hagar and Lou Gramm. For me personally, Lou Gramm was the epitome of versatility for a rock vocalist in terms of being able to rock out but also croon a ballad. Finally, in terms of ending up singing more in an AOR vein, I just love Steve Overland and Indiscreet made we want to sing in the that style of band, which I did in Moritz. However, as you can see from my influences I am really a rocker at heart!

Have you ever auditioned for the vocal spot in any other notable bands apart from Samson?

I suppose that depends on how you defined notable! My first proper band was Blind Alley with Jools Gizzi and eventually turned into Gun. I also sang with Chasar, who along with Glasgow, were the two big bands in Scotland in the early to mid-80s. I also auditioned for Laurence Archer of Grand Slam/Stampede and was successful in getting the vocal spot. The album we recorded demos for eventually surface a few years back LA Secrets. And of course, I spent around three years singing with Chris Glen from SAHB/MSG. I have been lucky to play with some stellar musicians in my career!

Have you ever thought of releasing a solo album?

I have been asked before, mostly by other musicians I have played with. To be honest, it just doesn't appeal to me as I prefer to work with others in terms of song-writing. I do have plans to work with a guitarist friend writing some blues-influenced material which may turn into something.

Do you still get the same buzz out of singing live as you did in the past?

I do still get a buzz from singing live but, as I am getting older, it seems to take more effort to get gig ready. In addition, I have a busy professional life balancing a day job with private consultancy work with family life and I am not sure how much longer I will continue to put myself through the hassle of getting gig ready!

The last Moritz album “About Time Too” was released 5 years ago and contained a strong set of songs. Is there a possibility of new music involving you and this band?

To be honest, I couldn't really say! Ian Edwards and I keep in regular contact and there is some interest in a few labels picking up a re-release of the Moritz debut album. We have also talked about picking the songs left over from the About Time Too song-writing and finishing them with a view to doing another album. All I can say is never say never on that front!

Are there any musicians that you have not worked with, but would like to in the future?

I haven't really thought about it to be honest. Somebody I have wanted to work with, was Ricky Delin who wrote and produced with Houston, including their last album. Ricky and I started collaborating on some recordings pre-covid with a view to producing an album. The amount I learned from working with Ricky on the initial batch of songs was amazing and the results were superb also. He really coaxed some superb performances from me, some of which I couldn't actually believe were me. Therefore, hoping to get back to Sweden at some point and finish the album with Ricky and see how that turns out.

With the live circuit opening up again, is there a possibility that we could see you performing some live shows in the UK with Moritz or someone else?

It's doubtful we will see Moritz play live soon, but as I said, never say never. However, I have already played some gigs in Glasgow and Edinburgh with the band Glasgow in June and there may well be more. However, my next live jaunts are with a reformed Sin'Dogs line up without Zal Cleminson and we are playing the Classic Grand with The Outfit featuring Chris Glen on November 12 and then Bannermans in Edinburgh in December possibly. Beyond that, I have no other live gigs planned.


Interview by Stuart Dryden


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