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Martin Haggarty - Dust & Stone (Single) - in aid of War Child UK (feat. Amanda Lehmann) + video

Martin Haggarty

The debut solo single by Long Earth vocalist Martin Haggarty is released 17th November 2023 in aid of War Child, accompanied by a poignant video by award-winning filmmaker Ross Eaglesham.

War Child UK is a charity supporting children in conflict zones throughout the world.

Dust and Stone is the first release under Martin's own name, and almost certainly the most important song he has been involved in.


Style: Rock/Progressive Rock

Country: UK

Label: Independent Release Date: November 17th, 2023

Artwork: Eddie McFadden


Martin Haggarty (Long Earth, Field of Vision, Abel Ganz) – Vocals, synths, guitar, percussion

Amanda Lehmann (Amanda Lehmann Band, Steve Hackett) - Vocals, lead guitar, acoustic guitar

Hew Montgomery – (Grand Tour, Abel Ganz) – Piano

Trev Turley (Random Earth Project, Mojo Preachers) – Bass

Jon Farley (Checking for Echo Project, The Hollow Moon) - Drums


War Child UK:

Bad Dog Promotions


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