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MAGNUM founder Tony Clarkin has passed away after short illness.

Tony Clarkin


From the Clarkin family:

On behalf of the family it is with profound sadness that daughter Dionne Clarkin is sharing the news of the passing of Tony Clarkin. Following a short illness, he died peacefully surrounded by his girls on Sunday 7th January 2024.

“I know that Tony has touched so many people through his music in so many different ways. I don‘t really have words to express what he meant to me right now as the grief is too fresh.

As many of you know Tony had a great affinity with animals. It is the family‘s intention to set up a charitable trust in his name to aid this cause, further details to follow.

Please do not send flowers or cards, as he would have much preferred expressions of sympathy to go to charity in this way.

It was a privilege to call him my Dad.”

“I didn‘t look to live forever” (TC 2024)

Olly Hahn, head of Steamhammer:

"We at SPV/Steamhammer are devastated about the passing of Tony. We can't believe that he's gone. For 22 years the whole team and I had the pleasure to work with him, 22 years of fantastic music, trust and loyalty. We are forever grateful for this. Rest in peace, Tony!"






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