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Fixation - "More Subtle Than Death" Out On 8th September


"It's super-hooky well-crafted modern rock that pulls in metalcore, post-hardcore and stadium rock, and will tick all the right boxes that fans of Bring Me The Horizon, Thrice and Thirty Seconds To Mars will connect with immediately" - Kerrang! Magazine

“Jordan from Bring Me The Horizon texted me and was like what band was that, what was that song called? Says a lot!" - Daniel P. Carter / BBC Radio 1 Rock Show.

"Sounds like a million dollars. There is so much talent here that it is almost touching, and what an amazing vocalist this band has in Jonas Hansen! It is simply a revelation. Wow!!" - Metal Hammer (NO)


Fixation is set to make a resounding impact with their highly anticipated debut album, "More Subtle Than Death"!

September 8th Fixation is finally ready to unleash their debut album "More Subtle Than Death", and will be touring Europe with the new album in October together with Annisokay!

Fixation's music seamlessly weaves heavy guitar riffs, electronic textures, and infectious choruses, leaving audiences craving more. Their raw talent and impactful music have already garnered praise from notable media outlets across the world such as Kerrang! Magazine, NRK, Metal Hammer and BBC.

The nine-track masterpiece delves into subjects such as mental health, climate crisis, and social criticism, delivering a thought-provoking journey that demands attention.

Fixation states:

“We didn’t want to limit ourselves to one particular sound, although the album sounds like Fixation as a whole, there are songs that are more poppy, more heavy, more grandiose and symphonic and more straight forward rock songs. The subjects in the songs are things that frightens and worries us about the state of the world today. These are things that we want to see change in.”

Fixation Album

Fixation combines electronic elements, stadium rock, and post-metal to create a unique and emotionally charged sound, drawing inspiration from bands like Bring Me The Horizon, Architects and Muse.

In 2023 Fixation has started to solidity their position as one of the most promising new bands in the rock and metal scene. Starting 2023 with an extensive tour with Devin Townsend in Europe (32 dates), and then appearing at festivals like Eurosonic, Download, Rock Imperium and Prognosis. With the release of the debut album Fixation will head out on their second European tour in 2023 with Annisokay in October.

It's safe to say that with an astonishing 60+ European live dates combined in 2023, their captivating performances have earned them a reputation as a must-see live act that gets them booked over and over again.

Fixation's debut album showcases their ability to traverse genres and tackle relatable topics, appealing to a wide range of listeners. Their music speaks to a whole generation, resonating with fans of various genres, from metalcore to post-hardcore and rock. With rising popularity and an exciting year ahead, Fixation is undoubtedly staking their claim as a rising force in the music scene.


Fixation is:

Jonas Hansen - Vocal

Martin Selen – Guitar

Tobias Østerdal – Guitar

Martin Gravdal - Bass

Ola Dønnem - Drums

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