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Collateral announce "Glass Sky" single and music video from new album "Should've Known Better".

Photo by Blacham Images
Photo by Blacham Images

British four-piece rock band Collateral are set to release their highly anticipated sophomore album Should’ve Known Better on May 24, 2024. Released by Big Shot Records, the album will be distributed worldwide by Cargo Records Direct and available to pre-order from Friday February 9 from and Cargo Records Direct.

The album will be released on CD, red vinyl, picture disc, limited edition cassette, and digital.

Friday February 9th will see the release of the lead single “Glass Sky.” The single is available on all streaming platforms HERE.

The new single “Glass Sky” and the forthcoming album Should’ve Known Better is produced by Dan Weller (Those Damn Crows, Enter Shikari, Monster Truck, Kris Barras, Holding Absence, Bury Tomorrow).

"I love massive riffs, massive hooks and feel-good guitar music,” says Weller. “When Collateral sent me their demos, I jumped at chance to produce their new record. I’m proud of what we managed to create. It’s Collateral mk2 - ambitious, daring and refined. I can’t wait for people to hear it."

Since the band released their eponymous debut album (Top 5 UK Rock Album Chart) at the start of 2020 Collateral have spent no time standing still. Covid came only weeks after the debut album was released and forced the band to cancel their highly successful tour with Phil X (Bon Jovi) halfway through. This made the band hungry to keep the momentum. With innovative ways to produce top quality live streams, the band became special guests supporting the likes of Skid Row, H.E.A.T and Reckless Love.

The exciting and flamboyant Kent-based rock and roll band are comprised of Angelo Tristan (lead vocals, guitar), Louis Malagodi (guitar), Jack Bentley-Smith (bass) and Ben Atkinson (drums).

On October 21, 2022, Collateral independently released a re-mixed and re-mastered version of their debut album re-titled as “Re-Wired” which featured Jeff Scott Soto, Phil X, Kee Marcello, Rudy Sarzo, Danny Vaughn, and Joel Hoekstra. The re-release saw the band in the Official UK Rock Charts at #12.

After the gruelling back-to-back tours with Skid Row, H.E.A.T and Reckless Love, the band ignited a spark and strengthened their already loyal fanbase leading them to win the opening slot at 2023s Stonedead Festival, leading the band to perform their biggest show.

Collateral’s hotly tipped sophomore album looks like it will take them to the next level. A lot of people don’t know what to expect from the new album, as the band have been tight-lipped about the new songs. Collateral have created a state-of-the-art rock album that will immerse listeners in their rock music universe, enabling fans to feel the blood, sweat and glory that went into the recording of every song.

“We felt that our debut album was lacking the production,” reflects Collateral’s frontman, Angelo Tristan. “For the sophomore album, I wanted to make sure that this time we left no room for error and so got one of the hottest producers in the music industry, Dan Weller, to help lift these songs into a new dimension. With Dan’s pioneering studio expertise, this album has massive production quality that enables you to get lost in each character-filled track. Dan really brought out the emotions we were trying to portray and has achieved it with his own unique style.”

“We wanted this album to express where we were in our own lives since the release of our first. So much has happened since then, I mean the world shut down for what felt like a lifetime! And it was obvious that people were going to need some sort of optimism. I hope ‘Glass Sky’ is one of those songs that gives people the belief to find themselves again.”

“Whereas, the feel-good ‘Just One Of Those Days’ is trying to find the good side of a bad day. Me being me, couldn’t help but to write a big power ballad, ‘The Long Road’, that I wrote from a very hard and deep place, in hope that it could maybe bring some peace and comfort to people who need it. I think there’s all aspects of life running though this album and what it means to us will remain in our hearts forever.”

“Should’ve Known Better” is an album that goes beyond specific music genres,” says Angelo. “It’s almost like a soundtrack to a beating heart. It’s an album that will remain timeless in years to come.”




GLASS SKY (3.53)




ELYSIUM (4.02)











Collateral’s frontman, Angelo Tristan, breaks down the songs on the new album track by track.


This is the flag ship of the album. Louis came into the rehearsal studio one day with the opening riff and I literally stopped what I was doing. I turned around to him and said, “That’s it… That’s the hit”. The lyrics were like water off a duck’s back. It felt easy to write something empowering. It was crying out for a Shanty style gang vocal that I could imagine a rallying arena scream along to. I felt this song had to bring people together. We’re all searching for that breakthrough, for that love, for that thing that will make us feel complete. This is that song.


This song is a nod to the Bonnie and Clyde style lifestyle. A mysterious character that has a dangerously attractive persona doing what he likes when he likes. The best part of this song is that you never know if he’s a good or bad guy. I guess he’s what all men would want to be. An “Original Criminal.”


Showing my country influence, I wanted to create a song with a happy and upbeat vibe that would make people forget about a bad day. We all have them, we all have ‘One of those days’ where nothing quite goes to plan and that was the perfect inspiration for this song. We decided to have a key change chorus to really uplift the optimism, Bryan Adams style, and I think the song as a whole really captures the important things in life and at the same time lets you let go of the stupid everyday stresses, we all go through.”


I find myself writing a lot about nostalgia, I find magic in it, “Teenage Dreams” is that nostalgia. Going back to a simpler time. A time where the only worries in life were making sure you didn’t get caught sneaking out with your friends until the early hours of the morning. This song puts you back in your teenage self, a self where you miss school, a self where you slept in past midday, a self when you were invincible. The best time of our lives.


“Elysium” is what we all crave for at the end of a hard week at work. That need to shake off the rigidness of the office and to be intertwined in the hot and sweaty atmosphere of the nightclub. It’s a song that does what is says on the tin, there’s no hidden meanings or messages. Just a message of letting your hair down and having a good time.


There was so much loss during Covid. My partner lost her mum without warning and seeing the heart break was devastating. This was written for her. A song, I hope, people can seek solace in when they need a shoulder to cry on. This is my favourite track on the album, but also the hardest to perform live due to the emotions that run through me.


A story of two people who, despite being in a world which is designed to kick love into the gutter, give everything to make it work. When there’s no place for love, if they are in each other’s hearts, then nothing can break them. It’s a story of hope but also a story of struggle. Instead of going down the Hollywood happy ending, I wanted to add a more real-life aspect to it, the aspect that love can also hurt.


“Game Changer” is all about wanting that person that you can’t have. In this case I wanted to write a song that oozed cheekiness to take it away from the common love song. It’s fast, hard and straight to the point. I wanted people to take this song and make it their own, I want the listener to believe that they are the ‘Game Changer’. Just like the running theme throughout the album it’s the optimism and the light at the end of the tunnel that makes this song so exciting.


Unlike the other songs, “Final Stand” delivers a darker message of battling your inner demons. Those days where you look at yourself in the mirror and the person looking back at you is telling you to give up. Musically it shows our heavier side and lyrically shows a darker side to us. This song brings the balance on the album.



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Collateral haven’t stopped since the release of their debut EP “4 Shots!” on November 17, 2018, which featured the single “Midnight Queen,” song that received major airplay on Planet Rock, the UK's biggest classic rock radio station, and got to the top of the Australian Radio charts.

After winning a Camden Rocks Festival competition out of 20,000 bands to play the main stage at the Electric Ballroom on June 1, 2019, and being chosen among 40 bands to play the Rising Stage at the Ramblin' Man Fair festival 2019, Collateral won a competition out of 200,000 entrants to support Jon Bon Jovi on his Runaway to Paradise Mediterranean cruise departing Barcelona to Majorca on August 26, 2019. All these achievements opened exciting new doors for the Kent-based rockers.

In February 2020 Collateral's self-titled debut album, released by Roulette Media Records went straight to number 5 in the Official UK Rock charts in the week of release. The high-energy 9-track album also featured the singles “Lullaby,” “Mr Big Shot,” and “Merry Go Round.”

During the same month Collateral toured the UK with Jared James Nichols, and then joined Bon Jovi's guitarist Phil X's own band Phil X & The Drills on their UK tour in March of the same year.

At the start of 2022 the band headlined the UK with their “Re-Wired Tour” leading up to the release of a re mix of their first LP featuring special guests such as Danny Vaughn of Tyketto, Jeff Scott Soto, Phil X of Bon Jovi, and many more which went on to achieve a number #12 spot in the Official UK Rock Album Chart.

After playing numerous festivals throughout the summer, Collateral went on to do back- to-back tours with Reckless Love, H.E.A.T. and Skid Row, which saw the band’s popularity reach new heights. 

Collateral will release their highly anticipated sophomore album “Should’ve Known Better” with Dan Weller (Those Damn Crows) on May 24, 2024. The first single “Glass Sky” will be released February 9.  







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